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Not long ago I helped a start-up developing an on-line service for bloggers. Through the experience I was introduced to the wonderful world of the Blogosphere and met all sorts of engaging and enthusiastic individuals. Blogging is a huge industry and its influence continues to expand! I discovered that some people I knew were sharing great information and inspiring messages through their blogs and I wanted to work with them.

One such lovely, prolific blogging friend is Marcie Lyons (pictured center). We met Marcie and her husband Matt a few years ago when they moved in to our neighborhood. They were newlyweds with nine kids! Both Marcie and Matt had been previously married and had lost their spouses. They were a young widow and widower - two amazing people with awesome kids that had endured the coldest of tragedies. Matt had updated his estate plan after his first wife's passing but Marcie had not. So I had the pleasure of helping Marcie get her will updated, her powers of attorney drafted, and her trust established.

Second marriages are very common, mostly due to divorce, but far too often, due to the untimely death of a spouse. These situations tend to raise a number of personal, family and legal issues that ought to be contemplated and addressed early on. Marcie and I were able to navigate through her questions and concerns. It was a blessing for me to assist her. She shared her experience here:

Another exceptional influencer is Lindsay Ross. A few years back I used to play basketball with her husband, Mike "Silky Smooth" Ross, who works at Meridian Title in Lehi, Utah. Lindsay has a extraordinary lifestyle blog where she shares, among other things, uplifting personal stories about friends who have gone through significant challenges. Having been touched by some of life's tests and as parents of young, adorable children, it was pretty important for Lindsay and Mike to get their wills, trust, and powers of attorney established and updated. Lindsay was kind enough to share her experience on her blog. Here's a link to her thoughts:

Working with these remarkable people has been rewarding for me professionally and personally. The thoughts and messages they share with their followers enlighten us, entertain us, and offer real hope! I have laughed out loud reading some of their posts while others have made me, I must admit, a bit verklempt. They've been authentic, touching, and reflective.

As Marcie and Lindsay have invited their followers to consider the importance of some of the things I do for folks, I invite you to follow them, read their blogs, and enrich your own life in so doing!

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