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Every client has his or her own particular situation. The price sheet is intended to give you an idea of the cost of services.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Individual Documents (starting price):

Will  $250

Living Trust $750

General Power of Attorney $150

Health Care POA & Medical Directive $175

Estate Plan Package (starting price)

for Individual $900

for Couple  $1200

Business Planning

Business Entity Established (Corp, Partnership, LLC) starts at $1250:

includes drafting of articles, by-laws/operating agreement, tax ID number, and related counsel


Charitable Organization Established; $750 for small, $1500 for large:

includes all of the above plus preparation and filing of Form 1023

Please note that filing fees charged by third parties are not included.

Contracts & Other Business Transactions

After our initial consultation a fee quote is given based on the nature of the work you need done. A single Buy-Sell Agreement between a couple of business partners may cost $500.  A series of agreements between multiple parties may cost $1500 or more.

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